PowerClick’s Paperless Fundraising Charity Auction Application

Powerclick’s Paperless Fundraising Charity Auction Application

Do you find that using bid sheets and pens for your fundraising events eat up away time and the excitement? Do you want to discover an innovative way to make it paperless, hassle free, more exciting and get to raise more money? Why not use PowerClick® on your next fundraising event?

PowerClick is an application you can download on any mobile phone, and the participants can use the Wifi in the room. It is made to replace the manual method of facilitating fundraising events with the use of the participant’s own mobile phone. The administrators can log in and add users, as they come to register.

The participants then get to see the items up for auction, complete with video or pictures. They also get to see the current highest bid in real time on the large monitor. You remove the tedious process of outbidding each other with pen and paper. It zaps out the excitement and the does not maximize the purpose of the fundraising.

With PowerClick’s fundraising application, the participant can review their bid items/amount on their mobile device with a click on the tab or button, so the participant can review them. This helps generate a philanthropic ambiance in raising funds for a good cause. It is also very environment friendly!

PowerClick fundraising application gets the guests engaged and allows the bidding time to get extended some more, thereby increasing the profitability of the event. The participants can also freely socialize at the event like getting a drink without hindering their chance to participate. Generating reports has never been easier as well. The results are transmitted back to the server instantly. Administrators may access the results anytime!

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