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Dynamic International Services’ years of experience in giving support to our customers and getting the feedback from the users have given us the benefit of knowing the latest needs for audience response systems. One of the main problems is the uncertainty of the number of participants that may come to the interactive event. Some attendees may also fail to vote due to being in a different location. The key solution to end these troubles is now at hand – PowerClick®!

In the classroom setting, students bring their own gadgets like smartphones, tablets or laptops to do homework and research, and teachers worry about this as it can be a distraction for the students. However with PowerClick, those gadgets can become educational tools. PowerClick can turn any smartphone, laptop, tablet or any device that is Internet- enabled into another audience response keypad.

PowerClick solution is a collaboration platform building applications on the said devices to enhance interaction between teacher and student or presenter and audience. You can download the PowerClick mobile application and start voting! You may also open your browser and log on to the Powerclick hosting site. Below are the links you may check out and from where you may download the PowerClick to see how it works.

 1. Android (published): Click Here to Install PowerClick

 2. Apple iPhone: http://www.apple.com/iphone/from-the-app-store/

Web browser application

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