PowerClick – Self Paced Testing Application

You can now use your mobile phone for self paced tests! – With PowerClick®. Self paced tests let users like students do the tests at their own pace with optional time limit. The teacher or the trainer can set the time limit. Students usually have to take home a set of papers and answer it. But using their mobile phones for this kind of test can get rid of the manual processes that usually take a lot of time to finish.

The administrator or teacher can input pre-set questions. After the student downloads the PowerClick application, the teacher gives him the log in details. Then the students can easily navigate through the questions, review and even change them. The question types can be single answer choice, multiple answer choice, priority, free form texts, and multi-media such as photos. Administrators on the other hand, can track the results of the on-going test through the Self-paced dashboard.

There are two modes when doing self paced tests on PowerClick, these are the offline and the real time modes. With the offline mode, the students can still finish the test even without Internet connection. They just have to click save before closing the application. With the real time mode, the results get transmitted instantaneously to the dashboard, and administrators can view them for checking.

The other wonderful benefits of using PowerClick for self paced tests are :

  • Environment friendly
  • Allows teachers or administrators to see the results in real time
  • Allows teachers to view the results per question in summary form
  • Allows easier assessment of a student or trainee’s capability
  • Generation of results is real time and fast!
  • Students can review the question and change them if they wish to within the optional
  • Smartphone, tablet , laptop or a computer with a browser

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