PowerClick – Interactive Trade Show Solution

PowerClick - Interactive Trade Show

PowerClick® – Interactive Trade Show Solution: Helps You Identify the Leads at Trade Shows By Conducting Self-Paced Survey at the Booth.

Do you want to know the sure way to identify good leads by conducting self-paced survey when a trade show visitor walks up to your booth? – “Take a survey and you get a gift!” And offer something different by letting the visitors use their own mobile phone instead of the typical pen and paper with PowerClick!

PowerClick is a mobile application that can be downloaded or by scanning a QR bar code posting at your booth. As a come-on to potential clients, you can offer small tokens or gifts to visitors who would participate in the survey or demo.

To start the survey or demo you make the visitors to your booth scan the QR which will point to the PowerClick links. To be able to prioritize your leads, and at the same time maintain professional courtesy and relationship with your customers, as attendees approach your booth, you may ask them a couple of screening questions to be able to identify whether they are your target customers. In your survey, you may ask the questions that allow you to identify your potential customer and when the participant finishes the survey, they can redeem the gift. Then for high quality leads you can optionally invite them to sit down and discuss your product further.

PowerClick has a built-in intelligent feature to help you identify the leads by their survey answers. You can program in PowerClick survey with single answer, multiple selection, free form text, priority and videos. You can take advantage of the PowerClick question branching feature to show the next question by the answer, e.g. if you have female customers, then you may branch it to female related questions.

Some of the awesome benefits of the PowerClick Interactive Trade Show application are:

  • Built-in intelligent feature that lets branching out into questions related only to the customer
  • Display survey results to you instantly when the participant redeems the gifts
  • Paperless so very earth friendly
  • Minimal effort required for the people managing the booth as instructions are easy to understand
  • Filter out high quality leads easily
  • Fully organized leads database, optional with hierarchy listing from important to least important leads

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