Field Survey

Have you ever used mobile phones for field surveys? It can become a powerful tool in your company’s next field survey. Are you wondering what you can get out of using the mobile phone? – A lot –with PowerClick® !

PowerClick is the latest mobile solution for field surveys. You can download the application on your device, and your respondents can easily answer the survey questions. You basically need a mobile data plan or a Wi-Fi connection. You may choose to download the PowerClick mobile application by opening a web browser or logging in to the PowerClick hosting site.


For administrators: You can set up a survey project and select the customer locations for the survey workers. Then assign field workers with their own daily survey. The PowerClick utility can be set to display the best routes for the locations of where they need to go. You can review and analyze the survey results after field workers transmit them. The GPS on the mobile phones provide location matching, and every starting and ending time of a survey.

For field workers: You need to download the PowerClick field survey application. Then download your field survey routing information then you can start your field survey. The best routes can be displayed so survey sites can be easily located. The smartphone’s bar code scanner program allows field workers to scan product bar code to obtain product information. The field survey question types are:

    • Single answer choice
    • Multiple answer choice
    • Priority
    • Free form text
    • Multi-media such as pictures

Some of the Amazing Benefits are:

    • GPS on mobile phones provide location matching
    • Environment friendly because it is paperless!
    • Easy to learn
    • Easy access to results or data
    • Quick generation of reports or survey results

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