PowerClick Classroom Solution

Powerclick Classroom solution

PowerClick®: Classroom Solution to Enhance Interaction in the Classroom or Training Sessions

Use smartphones, laptops and tablets as education tools! – Yes, you can use all Internet enabled devices as your next education tool to enhance interaction in your next class or training session with PowerClick! In the past teachers have seen mobile phones as a hindrance to attention retention and learning, however PowerClick removes that typical stereotype.


  1. First set up the class in the PowerClick admin panel, by inserting a roster. This will allow you to see the results of every participating member.
  2. Teachers can create and maintain classroom interaction materials such as quizzes, Q&A’s, surveys, etc. Different kinds of question types can be created: single answer questions, multiple selection, free form text, priority and videos. Then create Powerpoint slides by selecting from the quiz library.
  3. Download the questions to form Powerpoint question slides from the PowerClick utility.
  4. Once everyone connects to the classroom that that has been created, the teacher can proceed to begin the session. Students can connect through any mobile device that can be connected via the Internet.
  5. The teachers can later on review the collected data from the PowerClick web application via a browser. The teacher can also opt to share results with students.
  6. At the end of the event, teachers can upload the event data to their PowerClick account.

The Texting feature:

There are two way to use the texting feature of PowerClick: classroom real time texting during lectures and offline non-lecture time texting.

Off line texting: Students or teachers can send texts to the PowerClick site or via the smartphone through texting. The texts will all be recorded on the PowerClick server. Texting can be managed on the teacher or student’s web browser applications. Additionally teachers and students can send texts via browser in addition to smart phone texting.

Classroom texting from PowerClick application: Students can send texts to the teachers via their smartphone which has the PowerClick application installed. The smartphone can be setup with either WiFi, LAN or data plan to respond to the questions presented. The web application includes a texting feature, texting will be stored at PowerClick server, and will then be displayed on the teacher’s web application screen.

Other awesome features of the Classroom solution are:



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