PowerClick® Classroom Solution to Enhance Interaction in the Classroom or Training Sessions

Other Features:

  • Self-paced tests– There are two self-paced tests teachers can administer for their class.
    • Pre-lecture self –paced survey


Student information and expectations – Students can answer a set of questions to gauge what section of the lesson must be reviewed. They can also answer a set of questions answering their expectations of their teachers and class for the whole semester or duration of the course.

  • Post-lecture self-paced test


  1.  Class Evaluation – Teachers can make students answer a set of questions evaluating their skills. For example if the pace of the lectures is too fast, too slow or just right. 

Teachers can also ask them how much they have learned from the class in a Likert scale form.

  1. Assigning homework – Teachers can make a self-paced test as homework. Time limit is optional. This allows students to review their answers and change them if they have to within the given time limit.


  • In- Class quiz – During any point of the lecture or class, teachers can easily create a pop-quiz

based on lesions previously taught. They can make the students answer questions on the devices they have, definitely an easier way to assess the students.

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