How PowerClick Charity Fundraising Solution Works

Auction How it works Phone Screen
  1. PowerCom together with the organizers run the social media and email campaign.
  2. Organizers can post the items up for auction on their unique website. This is accessible to users through mobile phones by downloading the PowerClick Auction application.
  3. Once your bidders register; they’ll be given a log-in and a password to start bidding on your items.
  4. Bidders are notified of their bidding status, if they are outbid and the highest big amount.
  5. Bidders are also given the option to purchase the items with the prices you set. They can pay directly from the website or via their mobile phones.
  6. Highest bidder wins once the auction timer is up and items that were not sold will be auctioned off in the live event.
  7. Guests are also able to pledge without bidding.
  8. You are also able to use our keypads for the Live Auction. Guests are simply given a smart card with their registration information to use with the keypads.