Field Survey Service we offer top right
PowerClick provide these unique services as a total solution package for Field Surveys.
It utilizes the smart phones and web application.

    Field Survey Service We Offer LI PowerClick web application allows PowerClick customers to create and maintain a Field survey project

    Field Survey Service We Offer LI PowerClick provides the Field survey tasks that associates field workers with their assigned survey stops.

    • The Field Survey tasks has the survey subject name, address and contact information and survey status

    Field Survey Service We Offer LI Field worker task assignment and tracking Survey Question library

    Field Survey Service We Offer LI Current project survey question and branching logic

    Field Survey Service We Offer LI Survey stops, best routing reference by map & route display

    Field Survey Service We Offer LI Survey result display and analysis in real time

I. PowerClick Smart Phone mobile application provides a tool for field workers to perform the survey. Below are the awesome features that could be used:


  • GPS enable application to make sure the field worker visits the right place.
  • GPS also provides the accurate survey start and completion time.
  • GPS also provides the next stop directions and navigation.

Smart Phone built-in camera


  • Allows field workers to take pictures as part of the survey.

Bar code scanner

Bar Code
  • Enables product bar code scanning to match the right product & subject.
  • PowerClick returns proper product information after receiving the bar code from the smart phone scan.

Survey branching feature

  • Allows field workers to proceed to the next related question depending on the answer choice of the currenty survey question
  • For example, ask the field worker to locate the new product promotional poster. When the poster is found, then take a picture. If you can’t find the poster, ask the store owner and verify the location.

  • The PowerClick survey branching feature can perform the branching by survey question answer choice or based on the object the worker locates and gets directed to the next question that is stored in the back-end server.

Worker Management

II. Field worker management

PowerClick team provides sub-contractor field workers manpower service as an optional service.

PowerCick Customer Service Team helps you recruit local workers to conduct the survey and manage their work and performance.

The business benefits are:

  1. Field workers are hired on a per project basis and are paid per stop or per location visit for easy budget control
  2. Field workers are all locals, no need to incur expensive traveling costs such as airline ticket, lodging, meals and car rental, just to name a few.
  3. PowerClick Customer Service can do the screening process for the field workers for you. We can do the interview and selection of field worker candidates for customers like you to review and decide who to hire and set the performance evaluation criteria to track the field workers’ performance to ensure a high quality project execution.