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  1. When a field survey project is officially confirmed, PowerClick will automatically create a PowerClick Field Survey web application login and password for the customer’s staff who shall become the project manager. The responsibility of the project manager is monitoring the project and executing it. PowerClick will then crate a new project for this mission.
  2. The Project Manager should login on the PowerClick web application at to manage and monitor the project.
  3. The Project Manager then uploads the targeted organization to be surveyed that contains organization name, address and at least one primary contact.
  4. The Project Manager uploads the targeted product/subject to be surveyed that contains product/object SKU (for bar code) description and related information to communicate with the field workers.
  5. The Project Managers then creates the survey questions and the branching logic for the project.
  6. The Project Manager sets the budget for field workers’ field operation and the project’s start time and deadline.
  7. PowerClick’s customer service representative/s evaluate the work load and the budget to recruit local field workers and formalize the sub-contractor agreement.
  8. The Project Manager reviews the candidates for the field worker positions and confirms or rejects the contract between them.
  9. The PowerClick customer service representative/s creates the project tasks by metro geographic region depending on the organization’s survey geographic locations.
  10. The PowerClick customer service representative/s assign tasks to the approved field workers.
  11. PowerClick customer service representative/s contacts field workers to confirm the survey schedule and payment details.
  12. The Field workers start the field survey. Then they send each survey data to the PowerClick server in real time.
  13. The Project Manager reviews the survey results, performs data analysis and contacts a PowerClick customer service representative to conduct survey review and re-work if there is any defective or bad result.


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