About PowerClick

Wireless keypads have proven its functionality in giving more concrete data analysis and instant results while facilitating interaction during presentations. Participants like students, teachers or presenters enjoy an interactive way of learning as well as sharing. Traditional use of paper has limitations and these can include: geographical or site limitation and instances when more attendees come to the event than the expected number. Other clicker users also want to know a good way to have remote participation via web cast? Providing equipment to bring to class or training on a daily basis can also be time consuming.  Is there a good solution to these worries?

Yes. The key solution is – PowerClick! It is an application that can be downloaded on any Internet enabled device like laptops, cellphones and tablets. The participant can answer anytime, anywhere! Any participant with an Internet connection can make use of the application. Simply download the PowerClick mobile application by opening a web browser or logging in to the PowerClick dashboard.

PowerClick® provides mobile interaction solutions by using smart phone and portable devices. We are a true market leader with more than 10 years of audience response system development and customers in over 80 countries worldwide. We strive to achieve superior functionality in audience response systems through the use of wireless keypads and popular mobile devices by making use of smartphone’s:

  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Texting capability
  • Built-in audio to simultaneous translation, utilize video for multimedia interaction and application, just to name a few

Some of the Amazing Benefits of PowerClick  are:

  • Functionality is more powerful than a dedicated keypad
  • Increasing the retention and focus of the students
  • To have an increased attendance during lectures or classes
  • Allows for a much improved flow of communication between presenters, teachers and students
  • Easy to install and use
  • No site or boundary restriction, vote on site and off site with Internet connection
  • Has more features than the traditional keypad
  • Additional question types are allowed including multimedia integration.
  • Voting results will reflect the total answers from the audience response keypads as well as the votes from any device with Internet from any location.
  • Customization: creating projects that cater to the needs of your event.
  • Real time voting or polling (data display speed will depend on Internet connection in the area).
  • Voting data can be collected and then gets stored on your dashboard found at PowerClick.
  • Browse the voting data anytime to review or analyze it. In the education setting, lessons and grades can be seen any time for review.
  • Event administrators or teachers may make or maintain a quiz on web by logging in.

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